Freight Transport Association

Portland Pricing have teamed up with the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) as their Fuel Price Information service provider. As an FTA/FTAI affinity partner, Portland Pricing provide members with wholesale, delivered-in and forecourt fuel pricing.

Portland Pricing data allows the FTA/FTAI member to reduce their spend, by making fuel costs transparent. It enables them to challenge fuel suppliers over inconsistencies in their pricing, allowing them to see the premiums added to the wholesale price. It can also be used for checking cost prices against supplier contractual agreements, as well as being used within fuel escalators. Having & actively using this data can generate many thousands of pounds in savings annually.

All Portland Pricing services are offered to FTA/FTAI members at a discounted rate of -5% when quoting discount code FTAmember5. To view these services, please click here.