Fuel is often one of the largest overheads in a company’s budget – even for a mid-sized fuel user small fluctuations in price can have a profound effect on their yearly spend. As a result, controlling and minimising those costs in a simple and effective way is vital.

Portland Analytics is a service designed to help our clients manage their fuel costs and ensure they pay the lowest possible price for their fuel.

Backed by many years of industry experience, Portland’s team of experts are on hand to provide a range of services, covering all purchase methods (including bulk deliveries, bunker networks and fuel cards), which help companies manage their fuel price and deliver cost savings.

Here’s how we can help:

Fuel Price Health Check

Portland Analytics conduct a thorough review of your fuel purchases and procurement methods. We assess fuel prices paid and provide recommendations for improvements in a detailed report back to your business. The average saving we discover is 1.25 pence per litre (ppl).

Contract & Tender Services

As a follow up to the Fuel Price Health Check, if desirable, Portland Analytics can go out to tender on your behalf. This ensures that fuel is supplied at the lowest possible premium, that a credible contract is drawn up and a reliable supplier is chosen.

Bureau Services (Invoice Checking)

Portland’s experience shows that the ongoing checking of invoices, even with contracts in place, is a vital element in maintaining purchasing value. At Portland Analytics we are happy to look after this for you, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.