Portland Pricing services provide various levels of market information. We allow customers to see how fuel prices are calculated, enabling them to challenge fuel suppliers on pricing, check costs against supplier agreements and understand developments in the oil market.

All subscriptions include access to a live Fuel Price Checker, used to monitor wholesale prices throughout the day. In addition, Portland Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions provide customers with daily wholesale prices on a variety of grades, ranging from the most basic information on diesel (Bronze), to bespoke pricing services tailor-made to your business (Gold).

We also provide specific pricing services on forecourt retail grades, marine fuels and full-load diesel deliveries, as well as a mid-week buy/hold alert which allows customers buying on a weekly-lagged price to either buy now, or hold until next week based on expected price movements.

Our range of products includes:

Wholesale Pricing Sheets

Portland offer Bronze, Silver and Gold (bespoke) daily pricing sheets, listing closing wholesale prices on a number of grades.

These sheets can be used to benchmark supply quotes and variance in supplier premiums.

Note: “Wholesale” refers to the underlying cost price only i.e. not including transport or supply costs.

Fuel Price Checker

The Portland Fuel Price Checker shows live wholesale prices, updated every minute, for Diesel, Gasoil & Kerosene.

This tool can be used to monitor the live market when purchasing on a spot (non-contract) basis.

Note: “Wholesale” refers to the underlying cost price only i.e. not including transport or supply costs.

Delivered-In Pricing Sheets

Portland Delivered-In Pricing lists daily national and regional average buying prices for bulk fuel deliveries.

This data can be used to benchmark existing supply contracts and to calculate fuel escalators.

Note: “Delivered-In” prices include transport and supply costs and are based on full-load (36,000 litre) deliveries.

Market Reports

Portland produce monthly market reports, focusing on a different sector of the oil industry each month.

Our reports are published in a number of industry-renowned publications, as well as on our website.

If you wish to join our mailing list, or read our reports online, visit the market reports page here.

Buy/Hold Alerts

Portland issue mid-week buy/hold alerts by email at 16:30 every Wednesday to enable strategic purchasing.

Based on average prices up to the mid-week point, we calculate whether prices will likely be higher or lower next week.

Those buying on a weekly lagged mechanism can then opt to buy or hold based on this information.

Data Shop

Portland have a wealth of historic fuel data, often used for research, consultancy and analysis purposes.

Our records include wholesale, retail, delivered, forecourt and marine prices to name but a few.

We are able to provide historic data in a variety of formats – just let us know your requirements.